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Example Zoom Movies

IncrediZoom Movies can convey so much more than a static image! The movie of famous Bixby Bridge puts this engineering marvel in the context of its natural surroundings. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk example demonstrates how a dynamic Zoom Movie can dramatically alter the feeling conveyed by an image.

The other four movies shown here were created from photographs taken during an ascent of Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest mountain in the Americas at more than 22,800 feet. These scenes use IncrediZoom to convey the immense scale of the surroundings. Click on any image to see what IncrediZoom can do.

Big Sur Bixby Bridge

Stata Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Campsite on Polish Glacier

Campsite at Mt. Ameghino

Campsite at Casa de Piedra

Plaza de Mules camp
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